HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Pure, Bootstrap, Foundation....

Awesome Front-End Developer

Front end web development is where you shine and you love pushing the boundaries of what is possible with today's (and tomorrow's) technology. The job involves a mix of working in longer specific projects and ongoing development for selected customers.

You’ll work both independently and in tight teams with other developers and partners. You’ll take an active role, working closely with internal or external UX designers to come up with solutions that that you’ll then implement. We are looking for an enthusiastic front-end developer who automatically keeps themselves up to date with new technologies and opportunities in the field.

You are used to working with responsive design and are a master of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. You need have a good grasp of Pure, Bootstrap or Foundation. You should have experience of MVC and C # as well as having worked with one or more major CMSs.  Preferably MS.NET based such as EPiServer but experience of PHP systems such as WordPress is also relevant. A working knowledge of databases such as SQL Server definitely wouldn’t hurt and if you have all the above and are used to working test driven (TDD), it sounds as if the job was made for you. We offer work with exciting national and international clients in a skilled and friendly team in a great environment.

To apply please send your CV to jobs-(_sm3Remove)-_-(_a)-_centercom-(d_)-_se