We're passionate about web-development and giving our customers the highest level of service.

We're Centercom

A happy, easy-going team who are genuinely passionate about web-related development and giving our customers the highest level of service. We’re all highly motivated to be at the forefront in our specialist areas, and most of us have comprehensive experience of extensive and challenging customer projects. 

No one can do everything and be everywhere and we do our best to distribute the workload and our culture of helping each other out, sharing knowledge and an open climate in the office all contribute to the friendly Centercom atmosphere. We are a true team with a clear customer focus.
Believe it or not there’s more to life than the internet, customers and projects. We try hard to have a variety of (voluntary!) enjoyable activities that bring us together and make it more fun to be a "Centercomare".

Interested in becoming one of us or just want to know more? Click the link below or send an email to jobs-(_sm3Remove)-_-(_a)-_centercom-(d_)-_se