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We're passionate about web-development and giving our customers the highest level of service.

We're Centercom

We’re a knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated team that is passionate about web-related development and offering our customers the highest possible level of service. We’re all driven to be at the forefront within our specialist areas and have many years of experience from an extensive range of challenging customer projects.

As a Centercom customer you will have access to UI / UX specialists who will bring out the best from your ideas and guarantee a great end user experience, system architects who will steer the project in the right direction in relation to your wishes and technical requirements, front and back end developers with cutting edge knowledge and project managers who really understand that the market , technology and budget all need to be balanced.

We have a culture of helping each other, spreading our knowledge across the team and having open and free (frank) discussions. We also aim to distribute the workload when needed and where it’s possible. We are a true team with a very strong customer focus.

Overall responsibility or resources?

The majority of Centercom’s customers choose to let us take the overall project lead for one or more systems, websites, apps or similar assignments. Often, our customers have other partners that complement our knowledge with other skill sets and we have a long history of successful collaborations with other agencies. However, it’s our firm belief that one supplier should have the lead responsibility in a project - a responsibility that we gladly take in terms of development as well as management and support.

As our individual team members each have expert knowledge in different areas, we are also happy to help as a reinforcement in large, ongoing projects. This can range from an individual consultant with the right skills for a specific task or we can set up a tailor-made team that can work either independently or tightly integrated with other customer development teams.

Why Centercom?

Choosing a supplier for your website or system development project can often be a challenge. Several large development consultancies have some fantastic consultants, but as the demand for development services has exploded, the risk their customers will not get the best talent assigned to their projects has increased at the same rate. With Centercom you can be sure of getting our top people. Our strategy of careful recruitment and planned growth has meant that we have built a very stable base and in fact only have the very best people to offer our customers - a reassurance for both our customers and us.

Another equally important aspect for our customers is when a project has been delivered and enters the management and support phase. We live for our customers and therefore do everything in our power to ensure that you as a customer will receive quick, personal help from individuals who are not only committed and competent but are also already well versed in your system.